| Chic doesn't have to leave your budget weak. |

You making an effort with your personal brand shows you that you’re serious about the life you truly want! Allow me to help you fit into your new self... your best self!

I’ve been sewing since I was 13 years old.

I’ve been creating since brith.

I am just shy of receiving my FIT Ladies Tailoring Business Certification.

I am a specialist in helping people perfect the way they fit, comfortably and stylishly into their clothing.

I know you’re curious, but I don’t take custom clothing orders.

Instead, my goal is to leave it to you to discover new trends, thus allowing me help you solve your problems. Each piece tells it’s own story, so let’s conserve your most favorite closet items, while investing in how you fit into your overall look, and personal brand.


The way you fit into your style of dress gives so much meaning to who you are.

Whether you’re stepping into adulthood, recently lost or gained some weight, are still learning how to dress for your body type, or really just want a closer relationship with your tailor, I want to help you make your statement! 

CxStyles focuses on helping you stay clean and stylish on a practical budget.

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