Need Someone Else to do Your Shopping?

Schedule a Consultation for Online Styling Services

As a world traveler and a style artist, I know how important it is to make a statement through your clothing!

Plus I LOVE a good theme.

My mission is to help you show more love to your wardrobe and to your pockets.

I have this crazy knack for being able to snag amazing finds and style head to toe outfits for under $50-$75 (on average).

For your next vacation, major occasion, or celebration, allow me the opportunity to shop online for you, select and style out head to toe looks, per your liking.

Fees will vary based on each client’s needs, timing, and how many outfits are required.

Specify all of your needs, by booking a 30 minute consultation with me!

**Consider planning ahead at least 6 weeks in advance to ensure the best shopping deals for your next statement.**


In a hurry and need something in less than a week?

Check out my favorite items on my Amazon Store, from fashion, swim, accessories, home goods, essential oils, and more!

The best part?

I make a tiny piece of change when you shop for any product on Amazon, through my store (no matter what products you purchase)!

I’ve gotten so many of these amazing things above from Amazon— especially functional AND fashionable finds for my travels!

On my Amazon storefront, I rate these “Made in China” products in the realest of ways, and I actually love how it’s helped me become a smarter online shopper. From $3 pearl hair clips, to braiding hair, to hiking boots for the Great Wall of China, I’ve saved a ton—and hope you can too.