Schedule a Fitting

Being comfortable in your own skin, should be exactly that: comfortable!

My mission is to help you show more love to your wardrobe, the same way you love yourself.

I am flexible to meet with clients in Manhattan before or after work hours, or to meet local Harlem clients, out of my home office.

Specify all of your needs, by booking a 30 minute fitting with me!

Any additional details can be confirmed via phone/text once booked.

There’s endless possibilities to how you can salvage and style what you already have in your closet.

Latex holes, and pant gaps seem too hard, but they’re possible to repair!

You know when that top gets a little too tight? My ladies with bigger busts know exactly what I mean! Elastic comes in all types of colors, so we can add a few inches to the back, if you need some more room.

Shorten your sleeves when you find a vintage gem that just doesn’t quite fit.

Small waists, no problem! Denim jeans must fit like a glove. I can do most denim waist repairs, but not all. If the repair is possible, they will look as seamless as the shorts in the video above!

Both men and women wear out their favorite jeans. Don’t trash them just yet, I have a little trick to fix those patchy holes!


Have a hat that you’d like to have a bit of a stiffer brim? Or a whimsical hat that you need to take on a new shape? I can fix that!

Petite women should only buy petite clothing. But when that’s not possible, pants and chest areas need to be significantly shortened. Shop more strategically for petite clothing, and when it’s too good to pass up in a regular women’s size… come to me!

For my guys and my girls: All types of suede shoes are SO hot right now, and I refuse to sacrifice them this fall/winter. Lemme clean ya boots!